Barter Has Never Been Better!

IMS Barter can help your business increase its market share by bringing new clients through your door, increasing your channels of distribution, and moving your product or filling your available capacity at retail prices!

New Customers, New Sales, New Revenue Stream
IMS Barters network of over 16,000 member businesses will buy from you before buying from a cash retailer simply because you make it easy for them to pay you through trade. By trading your goods and services, IMS members who buy from you are saving cash, in turn allowing you to save cash when you buy!

Increased Channels of Distribution
Joining IMS Barter connects you with 16,000 member businesses throughout the United States and Canada who want to work with you simply because you make it easy for them to save cash. Want to expand your business to neighboring markets or even across the country? IMS Barter gives you the tools and expertise to make your business dreams come true.

Retail Prices!
Sell your product or excess capacity at full retail prices and forget those costly mark downs! Realize the maximum potential of your goods and services when you trade, and save cash when you purchase items through trade at your wholesale costs.

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